Have you updated your resume’?

Would you hire this woman?

I’ve never been in on the process of hiring someone for a job but I have had my share of interviews, although it has been awhile. But I’ve been around when new employees have shown up in my department and after a couple of days working beside that person you have to wonder, what did my employer see in this individual that made them think this person was a good fit for the job. Was is the resume? Because if it was, then I wonder about the validity of the information on there and if that is the best way to hire someone for a position. I understand the concept of sharing my skill set with my future employer but how do they really know that I know what I have written down. And of course, it is all in the wording of the resume’ that is key. Plus, you want it to be just the right length, not too long and try to keep it all on one page.

Five or six years ago, when I was working for Perry Judd’s, (the company that bought into Judd’s Inc.) it was during the housing boom and Perry was threatening to lay off a bunch of folks, I decided to take online classes at Art Institute of Pittsburg, in Residential Planning. It was a program to learn CAD, and interior design, kitchen planning, etc, etc. I got caught up in the whole housing boom thing and figured that if, or when,  I was given the speech by PJ’s that I would transition into home staging or something. Eighteen months later I finished up the classes, and things were starting to fall apart with the financial crisis, so that by the time I did exit interviews with A.I. Pitt,  I felt as if I had totally wasted my time and money. One of the final classes was all about marketing yourself and putting the resume’ together. We had so many revisions on these things that I felt like I had had plastic surgery and was presenting myself in a way that felt false. I think I ended up taking out things that made me feel uncomfortable and ended up with this.  We developed a skills page on ourselves and I never felt comfortable with being considered an interior designer and maybe that was where I had a problem with it. I had always worked in printing. How could I possibly convince people that I was an interior designer. With two classes involving CAD could I really design something workable? Was I knowledgeable enough to put furnishings together for a client? I didn’t feel confident enough to really go out and sell myself to do those things. So how could I truly put a resume’ together saying I could do that. See what I mean about resumes’?

So, yesterday I got an email from a friend, saying, “Have you got any ideas about what you are going to do? I’ve got some thoughts, but mind you they are only half baked at best. Let’s talk.” This is a person that knows me, has known me for several years, knows my skill set and my abilities and probably won’t require the resume’. So I’m wondering if a network of friends is really something that is more important to have at this stage in my life and career than a list of accomplishments. I have plenty of time for talk these days.