Drawing Challenge Day 7, Flowers

Just like we change with every moment and will never be the same as we were the minute before, these flowers were changing while I was drawing them. The movement of the light, the breeze and the water they were given were contributors to the changes with every passing moment. Today, my goal was to try and simplify my subject and I don’t think I accomplished that. This drawing is just as complicated as my previous drawings in this series. I would like to try to create the idea of the flowers without so many strokes.

These are to be exercises to work on my skills. The ability to look closely at something, to edit what needs to be put in and what can be left out, the amount of strokes that are necessary to achieve a comprehensive drawing.

In my critique of this drawing, it is lacking depth and simplicity. Possibly one single bloom would accomplish this better. Tomorrow is another drawing just like we get another minute.

Day 7 drawing


Day 7 Still

Drawing Challenge Day 4, Backyard View

This backyard view is overwhelmingly beautiful. One that I will revisit later. I am certainly not able to get something worth posting after only 20 minutes. I am finding that I am sitting for at least an hour or more. This one was almost 2 hours and I am not pleased with it. I think it looks overworked and I would love to revisit it and try to use only a minimal amount of lines and shading to try and capture the same feel.

The color was added with watercolor pencils allowing me to smear the color and to put lines and shape in on top of it.

Any time plants are the subject, it can be very overwhelming to try and pick what to emphasize to get the idea across.

Backyard View

Backyard View

Day 4 still