Drawing Challenge Day 26, Four Rabbit Pasta Bowls

Needing to get back into the studio to the last two pasta bowls before they dried too much to add the drawing, my drawing today is again in clay. This will finish these four big bowls and the coloring is also starting to fill in. Hopefully, these will go into a bisque fire in a few days.

Tomorrow I will be back to pencil for the next couple of days to finish out the 30 day challenge.

Day 26 Wild Hare

Wild Hare Pasta Bowl



Day 26 Tree and Rabbit

Tree and Rabbit at Night


Day 26 4 bowls and a rabbit

Four Large Pasta Bowls from above

Day 26 4 Pasta Bowls

Four Large Pasta Bowls from the side








Drawing Challenge, Day 25, Big Meadows on Skyline Drive

Susie drawing Big MeadowsFor me, drawing a landscape can be extremely overwhelming. As you can see, I didn’t get this drawing finished today. But I still put marks on paper and sat in the sun for a long time, enjoying the scene and the breeze. A simply perfect summer day.

Drawing on site is also difficult because the light and the cloud cover is constantly changing so while you may be trying to draw a shadow, the next minute you may have full sun.There is so much detail in each individual tree that it makes it really hard to narrow down and edit the drawing to complete the idea. Plus, I was getting cooked in the sun even with the temperatures 20 degrees cooler than at my house down in the Shenandoah Valley. This is a drawing that I could come back to and complete at a later date or turn it into a painting with much more interest. All in all, the experience of drawing today was a meditation of the meadow that I shared with bumble bees and the scent of the Joe-Pye weed they were dancing on.

unfinished Big Meadows

unfinished Big Meadows

Big Meadows Big Meadows sign