Fairy Garden in a Broken Planter

Fairy Garden in a Broken Planter

Once upon a time there was a broken planter in my room. I used it to build a magical mini fairy garden to allow me to showcase the small fairy garden items that I make in clay. That was four years ago. The garden traveled to shows with us and with each show we wondered if it would become like Humpty Dumpty and would never be put back together again. Well, that has finally happened and I am doing this post to show how, if you don’t have broken planters sitting around to work with, you can buy new planters and build the same whimsical world, minus the beautiful patina of the old broken planter.

You will need:

  • A new Terra Cotta planter
  • a dremel tool with a cutting wheel
  • a hammer
  • a dustmask
  • plants and soil
  • and then the Laughing Orange accessories, optional, but delightfully preferred!


I started by marking on the planter with a pencil the approximate shape of cut that I wanted to make. You will see that this is not an exact science and that your planter may take a look of it’s own as you go. You may also destroy the planter in the process, and have to try again with another planter. I bought two just because I was afraid that this would happen to me.


Once Upon a Fairy Garden…