Drawing Challenge, Day 1

“Saving Seeds”

My friend Claudia is always doing challenges. She finds these things on the web or just gets an idea to do something and that is the way that she structures herself to accomplish something that she wants to do. Yoga, decluttering, writing…..The last really substantial challenge she did was the 30 day Novel challenge where you write a novel in 30 days. She did this almost 3 years ago now. She finished the writing part and has been doing the editing on this first book for these past 2 years. This past November, she started a second book before the first one is complete. I am hoping that she gets the first one accepted by a publisher and gets rich and then shares that wealth with me because I have listened to the struggles of this challenge weekly with her.

A while back, while thinking about how she does these challenges, I came across a guy on Facebook that was doing a 20 minute a day drawing challenge. When you draw, it really is something that you have to practice, just like anything else to keep your skills. I Googled drawing challenges I did find this guy’s blog, so I signed on.

I am not one to follow rules though. My intention today to draw for 20 minutes, turned into an hour and a half but I had a finished drawing. 20 minutes is not going to work for me. BUT, if I can challenge myself to draw something every day for 30 days, I am at least following the rule to at least draw something every day. I feel that is the important thing… to put the pencil to paper.

So, here is my first day’s drawing…. I will try and post my drawings here every day and then make a gallery out of them at the end.