September in New England…

Many of you know my long time friend Claudia Altemus, from Berea College. She was my maid of honor in my wedding and we have reconnected. Sometimes, we  feel as if we were connected at the hip because we share so many things in common. Claudia is an avid gardener, both by necessity and also, just because she loves it and feels that more of us should be making the effort to make ourselves more sustainable and use our own resources rather than rely so heavily on mass production of foods and products. I share these views and asked Claudia if she would contribute a segment to my blog. She agreed, but only if she could write it as if she were writing me a letter. What a lovely idea, don’t you think? So I dressed the wording up to make it even more special and am happy to share the first in a series of posts by Claudia for you to read today. We want to make this a regular sharing of ideas about nature, environmental issues and homesteading but, today her letter is about the asters and the butterflies in her garden as Fall is arriving in New England.

Enjoy and Thank You, Claudia, for a wonderful addition to the blog.

5 thoughts on “September in New England…

  1. Nice idea and addition to your blog. I enjoyed the format and the lovely description of her flowers.

  2. Unfortunately my cat killed a monarch from my garden. The wings were intact so I covered them with several layers of mod podge and added a jump ring onto the wing before I added another layer of the mod podge. Then I drilled out the wing within the jump ring and fastened the ear -wings to earring findings.

    They really look nice despite the tragedy.

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