Blahg, Blahg, Blahg…

I need to blog more. I know that I have heard that if you don’t blog consistently enough that your followers will not come back to read your blog. At only 8 subscribers, I don’t really think I have that many to worry about. Yet. But I would love to have more people to interact with. When I do write on the blog, I post it to my Facebook pages, both personal and the Laughing Orange page. Friends that are in both lists probably tire of seeing the duplication but not all the friends from one page are in both lists. Sorry for the dupes, guys.

Anyway, today, I sat down and thought I would make up a list of as many blog posts as I could possibly think of to write about so that in the future I could just look at my list, pick a topic and start writing. Well, have you tried to do something like this lately? I have to tell you that it is hard.

The 15 that I personally came up with are:

  1. How to photograph your work
  2. How to use clip art in your ceramics or in general
  3. Developing a daily routine
  4. the Packaging Gimmick
  5. Coupon codes and could I create a post in creating a “find the code” in the post to receive a freebie with an order
  6. Where I get my inspirations
  7. Testing glazes
  8. Glaze safety
  9. Social Media
  10. Google + and Hanging out
  11. The Artisan Trail in my county
  12. Local Artisans and Agroartisans
  13. I could feature a local artist
  14. I could feature a local agroartisan
  15. Giveaways, and how important they are

So I Googled “blogging ideas” and found several blogs giving out advice on topics. Most though, don’t really refer to my subject. One however, called Cynthia’s blog, has a list of A Year of Blogging and Journaling Ideas . I think this would be the best approach for me, because it is really generic enough that I could just complete the sentence and go from there. She also has a Facebook page for folks to post the posts they come up with using her year’s worth of topics.

Many times I think that I could do videos of tutorials or just processes that I do to get my final product or craft project. I don’t really know that I could add any more information than is already out on YouTube or some other site without just repeating. Honestly, I don’t really have time for re-doing someone else’s video on techniques.

In the mean time, I do think I’ll look closer at the A Year of Blogging and Journaling Ideas and see what looks appealing to me as a brainstormer of an idea for a new post later in the week. I suppose I could ask my readers or followers if there is something that they would like to have a tutorial of or to get inspired with. Sometimes I think that I am really too close to my situation and don’t really realize the amount of topics that I could really share because I am so immersed. The challenge is being able to simplify a project and help inspire others to want to try it for themselves.

The fun part about the blog is that I can help people through the web that may not live close enough to me to show them in person but can bring them into my studio through their computer into their own space. In some ways though this can be challenging because art can be a hands on experience. But pictures for visual people can make a project easy and fun.