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March 2012

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Laughing Orange Studio

Starting a new business means taking advantage of all the ways possible to reach buyers for my product. There are a million ways to do that these days and while not everyone uses social media, it seems, that almost daily there are new methods of social media introduced, making it almost impossible for me to even get a product made for having to try and keep up with all the computer interaction that I need to communicate with my customers. You almost need a full time person just to update all the places that need updating to get this information out there.

With this first newsletter, Freshly Squeezed, I’d like to get information to YOU so that you can keep up with what I am working on or where I may be exhibiting my work. I may show you a new product line, a technique I’m using, a new blog post, or a new design that I am trying to get out and show you a sneak peak. That said, if you would like to get an occasional email newsletter, subscribe to my blog now!

I’ve  listed the main media that I am using consistently these days below along with links for them.  All of them are ways to connect with me and find my work. Check them out if you aren’t using them already.

Please, share this email with all your friends that you think would enjoy seeing what I am doing!

Laughing Orange on Etsy

My Etsy shop, Laughing Orange Studio, is connected to my blog. If you see the product page in the blog and see something that you would love to purchase, YAY!, the links there will take you to the shop on Etsy. For now. I would love to eventually move some items to the blog’s shop but, I need you for this, I need people to know that it is there first. For now though, the link at the left will take you to the shop and allow you to see some of the products that I have for sale right now and are available for you to purchase.

LOS on Facebook

Laughing Orange Studio has a business Facebook presence and I generally use this page as a way to blast out items that have just been uploaded to my shop on Etsy. If you are a Facebook user, you can like the Studio there and get new product updates as they are available to the public.


Pinterest link

Pinterest, if you are unfamiliar with it, is a great way to bookmark items onto the web for reference or sharing. I LOVE this new site and have to really limit myself or I really wouldn’t get anything done all day. The rule is: either when the tea is empty or I reach the bottom of the page, I need to get out of the chair and start my day. The bad part is that when you reach the bottom of the page, Pinterest loads more pins….. so I have to use the empty teacup rule.

There are a ton of uses that I have discovered for this site… inspiration for my work, my garden, a good laugh and sharing or storing information in a visual way. Visual is the key here, because I am a visual person, this site is great for me.  You can follow or see my boards by clicking on the icon at the left. Watch out though, you may get sucked in and have trouble getting anything else done.

Google + link

Google + is awesome for the main reason that I can see friends and relatives that are far away. It has a wonderful hangout option that many people can have a conversation all at once. Better than Skype for this reason, originally I think this was to be Google’s version of Facebook but if you want to see me work, I am trying to find way’s to maybe do workshops or “how to crafting ” with this wonderful new site. Webcam is necessary and a DSL connection. I’ve added the link to my page by clicking on the icon on the left if you would like to be in one of my circles.

Thanks for all your support in my new adventure and I hope that you will contact me in the future if you need a gift or an item for yourself.

Currently I’m working on:

  • I have Easter mugs getting ready to be fired and put on the Etsy site in the next week
  • We have put a calendar of events on the blog so that you can see events that I am going to try and participate in this year
  • Fairy Garden Items are all the rage and if you haven’t gotten yours started before Spring, there are new items for those on Etsy and I am making the miniature items for Natural Art Garden Center, who are doing workshops to help you build your own. Check out the link here…

Happy Spring,

Susie Wilburn