I got an email a few days ago from a local potter, Kary Haun. She asked if I would be interested in making a few bowls for the Shenandoah Alliance for Shelter‘s Empty Bowl Soup Supper this fall. I was really excited for several reasons. First of all, this gives me a reason to make pottery and will give me the opportunity to see if I have what it takes to make a bunch of bowls that are all similar and put them out into a public venue and second, I have asked so many of the local artists to do things for Friends of the North that this is an opportunity for me to give something back and be on the giving side instead of the asking side and third, it is for a good cause.

So I used the plate I did for the Friends Fish Fry as inspiration for the 25 bowls that I have promised for the Shelter Soup Bowl dinner and now have 8 bowls done. I am figuring that I will need to make about 30 bowls in case something happens in the firing to ensure that I end up with 25 bowls to give them.

I started out with three pounds of clay per bowl and backed that down to 2 and a half pounds because the bowls just looked too big. And on the next batch I think I am going to pack it down to two pounds because they still look a bit too big. To give an idea of the scale, we photographed a bowl that we use all the time. They are all a bit bigger and even though they will shrink some in the firing, I think it will be easier to crank out the remainder bowls if they are a bit smaller.

I am really having fun posing these frogs though. There seems to be a pattern to my art with frogs lately. They were in the bench for FNFSR last year and the plate for this year and now a series of bowls with …….more frogs.

A thing for frogs…

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