Eyes glazed over…

Critique time….

I have many many comments.

  • Latex resist is awesome!!! Will definitely continue with that.
  • My clear glaze recipe is too thick and it ran off all the pots and now I get to use the dremel tool, if I decide to even try and salvage them
  • The color fired out of the tumblers with the nice painted plants, so they are basically black tumblers with the occasional design peeking out. Won’t do that again.
  • I like the quilting designs that I carved into the sides of the hexagon cups and there are some nice colors going on a couple but for the most part, ugly!
  • The earrings and pins were a way to use up the leftover colored slip ware I was trying and the pins are pretty cool. The earrings are paper thin and while I think they are pretty, not sure how functional they really will be. They may end up as windchimes instead
  • The lips of the cups are really not as clean as I would’ve liked. Maybe another glaze addition there and let it run where it connects, or a metalic gold rim might be cool.
  • I can see other colors besides black with the underglaze. Blue on Blue, shiny with matte, and trying to get a more delicate shape and pattern.
  • I definitely need to work on the heavy-ness of everything and work on getting a larger size due to the clay’s shrinking.
  • Possibly find a better clear glaze recipe or  put this one on very thinly.

It is a start… with lots more work ahead.

Latex Resist

Clayworks Supply Liquid Latex Resist

I bought a new product to do glaze resist on my pottery. The water based wax that I have  has not really been working out for me so I thought I would try this latex glaze resist. As you can see in the photo it comes in a pint sized jar and is probably a year’s worth of product. I was really skeptical as to how it works on the bisque ware but I am posting to share what I discovered this morning and I am psyched. So far, I am really pleased with how easy it works.

bands of underglaze were put on the tumblers and then bisque fired

The bisque ware was underglazed with bands of underglaze in color families. A blue, an orange, a green and a gray with the intent to do a resist design on the tumbler and then glaze the outside with a glossy black so that the matte finish design will show through with the colors gradating down the side of the pot. The wax resist is applied onto the bands in the viney plant design and let dry. Some  of them I let dry overnight and others I just gave them a few minutes. I couldn’t tell that it really made a difference in the peel off step.

resist is painted onto the side of the tumbler

Then the black glaze was applied in three coats with a large brush. This is allowed to dry and then using a needle tool I pierced the glaze and pricked the latex. I give a bit of a tug and the glaze comes off just as the brush had applied the design, having the same feel of fluency that I had hoped it would have. Very cool!

black glaze applied over the resist

Then you see the overall design with the underglaze showing through on these finished, well almost finished, tumblers. I want to do a white interior and then they will be done.

I will post again after the glaze firing so we can see how this is going to work out.


pulling the latex from the pot

color showing through

up close