No style yet, just fun…

with black dots

It is like Christmas to open a kiln. The excitement, the anticipation, the disappointments. Some of what is inside can be a disappointment and some can really make you smile. This bowl is just that, something to make me smile. Do you think I like orange?

Since Christmas, I have probably had three glaze firings and I am still trying to learn my glazes and how to apply them properly. You can have a really nice pot and glaze it and it become either an ugly pot or a “so-so” pot. This batch, I seem to be getting the hang of things. I seem to have more that are keepers than crushers. I was reading this article by the current head of the ceramics program at Berea College, Tina Gebhart about her work and making pots in general and I have a few hours more to put in before I reach her idea of good work.

For learning-focused making, we have to go through a few tons of pots (a likely equivalent to the 10,000 practice hours of a skilled activity which are necessary to be a virtuoso) to get to the good ones, so accept making lots of bad pots. Every tenth one may be somewhat good, or even every fifth one. Eventually, nearly every pot coming out of our hands may be at least good, even great, or maybe even quite excellent. Don’t loose sight of this, ever, or you may never get there. You can read the entire article here.

So check out the pots below and feel free to critique them. I have already done it many times in my mind. More decoration here, less glaze there. Heavier application next time, don’t even use that glaze again… You get the idea.

I’m thinking that a driveway pottery sale may be in order in the summer. Not sure I should sign up for any real shows anytime soon.