My new hat, from a favorite old sweater…

Herb wearing the sweater in 1982.

When we lived in Lexington, KY in the 80’s, there was a really nice imported sweater shop called World’s Apart.  The items they sold were made in Peru and were alpaca wool. I bought Herb a wonderful sweater from there for our second Christmas and somehow through the years, I took it over and it became my favorite sweater. Then, it accidentally got put through the wash a couple of years ago and I have kept it thinking I could make something else out of it. It shrank to the size of a sweater for a small child. This is how felt is made and I love felted items.

I have a book that is called Heartfelt, 25 projects for stitched and felted accessories, which has a pattern for a Russian Hat that I have been thinking would be the perfect new life for the old sweater.

heartfelt book, full of great projects

So, yesterday, as we were driving to DC for a school fieldtrip, I took the sweater and book along with the intent of making the hat to wear in the really cold DC weather. The trip is about an hour to our metro stop and so I started cutting into the old sweater as soon as we got into the car.

The pattern has three pieces, a round top, a side panel and a cuff around the bottom. After looking at the pattern and the sweater, I ditched the side and cuff pieces and decided to just use the neck of the sweater as both and put the round top into the neck.

You can see the results here and how the finished hat looked. I thought it needed an accent so I hurriedly added a simple rose shape out of one of the border pieces of scrap. As we parked the car, I put the hat on and had a warm head all day AND a stylish hat for the rest of the winter days to come.

The kids made fun of my hat most of the day, but you know, I don’t really care what an 8 year old thinks, my head and ears stayed nice and toasty. With what is leftover, I have enough to make a couple of pair of mittens to match my new hat. I think I have to make those next.

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