The Good, The Bad and The Ugly…

Glazing and firing my first wheel thrown pottery.

A few comments:

  • I’m pleased with the shapes and sizes of things at this stage in my getting back into the mud, although the clay is shrinking quite a bit so I am going to have to throw things much larger.This may mean another test to see what the percentage is.
  • Some of these pieces have heavy bottoms and the batter bowl has an awkward handle that is a bit too big
  • Off the shelf glazes are a challenge.
    • Off the shelf is a commercial premixed glaze. I can see that these may have to go away sometime in the future
  • Tests are time consuming and challenging. I see now that some of the glazes I own are consistently ugly
  • When I run out of white stoneware, I will be somewhat in the same stage where I am with the brown clay. The white stoneware has a lighter feel to it though visually but the glazes look very different between the two clays.
  • Glazing can ruin a piece, for sure. The Temmoku and the Golden Lustre glazes are very consistent and stable and are going to get to stay. As is the Turbulent Indigo.
  • I’m getting some crazing issues and fingerprints so I’m not sure I want to have all my work with stains under a clear glaze.
  • Developing a style is going to take some time.