Glazing Test Tiles

My little studio is in my basement for now and in order to get things organized so that I can be productive and creative I am going through my glazes and making a test tile of all of them so I know what I have and what I need to order. I have a board with nails on it that I have used in the past to put my test/sample tiles on but recently it got knocked down and all the tiles broke. This is probably a good thing in disguise because now all my test tiles will be all the same size and I will have a more thorough system.

I have to get the glaze out of the container, which sometimes requires a hammer and a screwdriver to break it up first, and then I have to crush the brick into a powdery substance and then mix it with water. Additionally, I run the mixture through a sieve so that all the parts combine and mix really well.

Then, I coat the test tile with the glaze in three strokes so that I have a thin and a thick version of the glaze. This helps me to determine how heavy to coat a glaze onto a finished piece. The glaze is put on the side without the label and then I will hang these onto the board with the nails in it and put it in a place that it won’t get knocked off. I have several old bookcases down in the basement, perhaps I can hinge it to the bookcase that contains all the glazes.