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On Friday, I got a comment from the Director of Research, Mike Hollis, at Green Irene on my posting about the CFL bulbs. Last year I had signed on as a Green Irene Eco Consultant and was very excited to become a part of the green movement, but my life as a Green Irene consultant was unsuccessful to say the least. Part of that may have been my fault due to not really pushing myself or the idea hard enough. So you can imagine how excited I was to be noticed by Mike Hollis and Rosamaria Caballero, the owner of GI. I still believe in all the products and have used the items that came in my kit and have been extremely pleased with their quality. I really think that the demographics of my area here in the Shenandoah Valley has something to do with my lack of Green Irene success.

Our valley is changing very slowly and the environment is not something that is really valued. It was frustrating, to say the least, when I performed a practice Green Irene home consultant evaluation and to have the homeowner lecture me on how recycling is not really done and that those items are just put into the landfill with everything else. Just after that, I did a tour of our county’s landfill to find that the manager, Brad Dellinger was doing an incredible job of recycling as many items as he possibly can and if you bring something in that is out of the ordinary, he will do his best to find a recycled home for that item so that it doesn’t go into our landfill. Space is a premium and there are many things that individuals can do to keep that space from filling up too quickly, which means that fees or taxes stay low. It was very helpful to see where things actually end up so that I could be better prepared when confronted with misinformation from potential clients.

So, I am planning to re-introduce Green Irene into my life , and yours, through this blog as a way to give information about items they offer and to help you to see if you need to change some of your habits to become a little greener. Everyday, I see something that other people do that if they could just change their habits ever so slightly they can make a bigger impact on the earth. Whether it be trash, water, electricity usage, energy or healthier eating.

It was really nice to receive the comment from Mike and Rosamaria at Green Irene and a nudge to use my knowledge to help others go green. Feel free to click the link below and find out about Green Irene.

2 thoughts on “Green Irene noticed my blog

  1. Susie,

    It is great to have others affirm our choices! Brad at the county transfer station is great! What you have said is so very true. He goes above and beyond to find a “new” recycled home for everything. When we go to the landfill, we are recycling everything. We do not throw anything in the landfill. It is disgusting, I think every citizen should have to take a tour of how great our facilities we have in this county. What most do not understand is the county sells the recyclables in some fashion which generates a revenue. The landfill just eats away at the money pot. The recycling efforts contribute to the money pot. It is very frustrating to see citizens throwing money into the dumpster instead of into the recycle bin.

    With that said, I have been a faithful CFL user but I am very disappointed with the whole idea of it. The US Congress decided it was ok to legislate people out of jobs with incandescent light bulbs (ie, GE factory in Winchester). Most CFLs are manufactured in China. They are made of mercury incandescents are not. When they break, there are 10,000,000 little tiny pieces everywhere.

    So, what is the trade off of “environmentally friendly” products. If those products put people out of jobs, are not as friendly as they should be, then are we doing more harm? Yes, the CFL bulbs do last longer, suck up less electricity, but there is a cost.

    Great commentary. I want to post this on my blog, do you mind?

    Lynne Phillips

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