A chill in the air…

As it gets cold outside, I start getting quilting fever. Of course, it doesn’t help that my friend Jackie is always quilting and sending me these awesome photos of the quilts she is currently working on. Thanks, for sharing your wonderful quilts with me, Jac!

one of my friend Jackie's wonderful quilts

So when I get catalogs in the mail that have pretty quilts in them, I never want to buy them, I want to make them. Now the thing with quilting is that it takes FOREVER to put one together. At least the ones that I have done in the past have been seriously timely affairs. So I have chosen a coverlet size to tackle this time so that I get quicker results. That doesn’t mean I will have a quilt to cuddle under next week but maybe by February.

I receive catalogs from a company called Garnet Hill and I saved one of them with this simple design.

my inspiration

pieces are cut out

So Sunday night, after painting on Jan’s cows most of the day, I went to the fabric stash. Quilters have a saying that “the one that dies with the most fabric, wins”. I think Jackie is way ahead of me there but I have a pretty good assortment. The key, I think is to rarely throw any of them away because you can still cut a section out and use it, especially for a quilt like this one that has lots of different patterns. So this is about a 4′ x 5′ size coverlet with a black fabric as the background and I had to cut out a total of 96 circles for the pattern on top. I used a Pyrex lid for my pattern and simply drew the circles on the fabric and started cutting.


I love the way it looks. It is so colorful and in the winter months will be a happy quilt to sit under. Each of the circles will have to be hemmed and then appliqued to the top. This is a similar technique that I did on the quilt that I did for Thomas.


Thomas' finished quilt

My plan then, was to make each of the boys a quilt for their high school graduations. Of course,neither got  finished until they were almost finished with college. Thomas had requested a black quilt.  We compromised and put black in it and lots of color on the interior. The border on this one is appliqued and has a vine that runs around the edge with fan-like flowers on the vine. I think it turned into a quilt that he will cherish for years to come and it is also a very happy quilt.

Thomas proudly showing off his finished quilt in 2004

John's finished quilt.

Over the years, I have made many quilts for friends and family and you can see more of them  here at our family website. For awhile, I was doing baby quilts for my co-workers and one year there were so many babies born that I was wondering if they had it in for me. I finally had to resort to pillows.

John's birthday in 2007, quilt is finished

John’s quilt took on a more nature theme. He is a forestry guy so I found a quilt on the web that I really liked but had to draw out the pattern because there wasn’t one available. The quilt shop in Staunton, VARachel’s Quilt Patch had these wonderful batik fabrics and the lady helped me to choose them for the pattern. The border on this quilt has appliqued trees, frogs and fish. I think it will be good to do a simple quilt now and not take on something so complicated.

detail of John's quilt