when the cows come home…

I finished painting the cow floorcloth yesterday so, now I will wait for the paint to dry for a couple of days and then it will get a couple of coats of poly and then I will turn the sides under about an inch. They will get glued down giving the edges some body and a finished look. At that point this one is complete and I have another one to do for Jan’s laundry room.

I really like the image that I found to do for the laundry room. I found a stock photo image of two shirts hanging on a clothesline and it looks like they have their arms around each other. Such a sweet image. Jan’s laundry room in green and blue so I plan to do one of the shirts in blue and the other green.


The process that I take is fairly straight forward. I download the image from the photo site and take it into photoshop and enlarge it to actual size. I then have to print it out in chunks and tape it together.



Then I transfer the image to the canvas using a transfer/carbon paper. That basically gives me an outline that I use to fill in the detail and do the painting. I will use oil paint on this one too because I want to be able to blend the colors so that the folds of the fabric will have shape and depth. It will then get the same process of coating it with a polyurethane and turning the sides under about an inch for the finished look.

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  1. Oh sooooo great. Love the cows – they have personality. Am finally taking some oil classes as well as watercolor. Having a ball but miss everybody. See ya after Thanksgiving. Hope all is good.

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