As my blog states, I can’t do just one thing and just as soon as I get one thing finished my attention goes to something new. In this case, I have been commissioned to do a couple of floor cloths for a friend. She has an entryway coming in from her garage, (must be nice to have one of those) and it is decorated in cows. She is originally from Missouri and grew up on a dairy farm and ironically her street name is Holstein Lane here in Toms Brook so she has a history with cows. When I do one of these, I usually search the internet for examples to look at. I have excellent drawing skills as long as I can look at something else. I can’t just draw from my brain, I wish I could, but I can’t. Anyway, I found some images of cows and am combining several images into something that will be “my own painting” and hopefully won’t look like the image I started with.

So Jan ordered the floorcloth material from Dick Blick Art Supplies and had them shipped to my house. I then mined the internet for cows. Holstein cows. Then started drawing the cows and landscape onto the canvas that comes primed and ready to go. Normally I use acrylic paints for my floor cloths but this one I wanted to use oil paints so that I had more time to work the image and blend the colors more. The palette is basically earth tones. Sap green, burnt umber, white, payne’s grey, yellow ochre, and a blue for the sky.

These floor cloths are 2′ x 3 ‘. When the painting is done, I will turn about an inch under and glue it down to give it a finished edge. Then I will put a couple of coats of polyurethane to seal and protect it. I think a lot of floorcloth artists then wax the entire surface with bowling alley wax but I haven’t done that to any of mine that I have in my house and they seem to be wearing just fine. I think Jan’s will be fine without that.

So I have one cow detailed in pretty well and have a few more to go.

Jan’s laundry room is in that area of the house too, so she also wants one for the laundry room. I will post that one when it gets going.

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