Kiln Results

As you can see, I had some breakage in the firing from yesterday. This is the plate that had the glass on and I imagine that there may have been too much glass and that is the reason for the breakage. The colors did run together so now I will know in the future to either use one color or to place the color in the approximate area of where I want it to melt. This was the only casualty though because many of the leaves that I did turned out great.

The leaf in the foreground is from my earlier post with the glass strips laying on it.

The leaves that I put the glass on managed to melt and stay put and look like they are holding water. They are really pretty and I will definitely try this again because it seems that they did fine.

leaf with red glass





bird nest pins

These small bird nests were created with an extruder tool that is like playing in “playdoh.” I have lots of dies that create lots of fun shapes and textures. These were made using one that extrudes a spaghetti like string of clay and then I made small balls to be the eggs. The blue of the eggs aren’t as vivid as I would like so I may end up using an oil paint or an acrylic to color the eggs. They will make a nice little pin for a bird lover for Christmas.

I used  a metallic glaze on a few of the leaves so they look like they have been dipped in gold. They are incredibly shiny and will look like jewels on the Thanksgiving table.

metallic gold leaves

My winter garden will now be more complete since I now have markers to mark some of the greens that are not really traditional greens. I now have a marker for the Mache, the Arugula, my carrots, cabbage and broccoli. I don’t have Kolarabhi planted but when I get some seeds I will be able to mark those as well.








And finally, the frog tiles. I did four of these and have bought some trivet frames to put these in. They are 4″ x 4″ and the frames are black. There are 2 black tiles, a green one and a chocolate brown one. I already have someone that is interested in purchasing a couple of these. They are fun because they look like fossil frogs appearing in the surface of the clay.










And some additional images of the leaves:

fire engine red with celadon froth







3 oak leaves







golden lustre glaze











group of leaves

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