The table is set…

Several years ago, Herb was teaching a unit on manners at school and we thought it would be fun to have a visual aid for him to do that with. I had been making floorcloths for the house because they are maintenance free rugs and with dogs that is good, so we decided to do a floorcloth that looked like a table set with dishes so that when he discussed going to a restaurant with the children he could show them the correct way to behave at a table. I made the floorcloth to fit our dining room table and recently it has been showing some wear so I gave it a touch up and thought I would share it with everyone today.

As you can see, by itself on the table it has the illusion of having dishes on the table. I put a tablecloth under it and can change that out as the seasons change and usually take it off the table during the holidays because I want to decorate more festive then.

Below is a detail of one of the settings up close. I know the salad fork is normally on the outside but in our Joy of Cooking Cookbook the illustrations had a smaller fork close to the plate. Reading it just now, it explains that that is a seafood fork. So, I guess this meal would include a seafood cocktail

Sometimes it is really deceptive and you reach for a piece of silverware and there isn’t really one there.

The small shelf on the wall was in the living room until yesterday. I saw some of the last zinnias in the yard and used some of my white pitcher collection to add a small vignette on the shelf and add some color to that wall.