Halloween Decorations


Martha's mice

We now have the perfect house for Halloween since it is all the wonderful colors of Fall. Last year I cut some of the cute mice that Martha Stewart has on her website for the front steps but I used cardboard and when it rained they curled up and didn’t look as nice so this year I found an alternative recycled material. Printing plates.

We have a wonderful cutter at work for getting them cut to a size I could transport home and so I cut a bunch about the size of my mice which I downloaded from Martha’s site here.

Next, I cut out my mice from the paper and traced them onto the printing plate. My garden shears worked fairly well to cut the aluminum so I then cut out the mice from the plates.



After I cut them out I painted them black with some black acrylic paint. You could use spray paint if you have it. I plan to paint both sides so that I can turn the mice and have them face each other as opposed to all going the same direction.


Now I need to just attach them to the steps. Last year I just taped them and the tape ended up pulling the paint from the steps so I may try and find some poster puddie this weekend to attach them without doing additional damage to the paint. They are so lightweight that they will blow away if I don’t attach them.


This is last year’s decor. I didn’t manage to grow any of the cool butternut squash that I made the trio out of so I may need to buy some of those to make them again this year. They were just so cool!







Now that my mice are done, I need to get decorating.