Fish Fry Week

Because this is fish fry week I will be doing posters, a sponsor acknowledgement cube, and folding up 20 of these cubes to sit on the tables. I needed a creative way to list the sponsors of the event and stay within my theme so I am using the cube design that I put on the invitations. I then went to the web and located a template to build a 3D box that I could run through the printer. I then added some of the same flourishes from the invitation at the right and the fish at the bottom and took the names of the sponsors and placed them in artsy ways in the blank areas. I printed out a prototype and then took the files with me to work and enlarged the file even more to an 11 x 17 print area and made another one that was a little larger. I cut it out and folded it up and now I am waiting for all the sponsor names to come in to plug into the design and then the fun begins. Assembling enough of them for each table to have one.

I may need to spray two sheets together to stiffen up the paper enough that the boxes aren’t too flimsy. We’ll see how that goes.

Also, today is the month mark for starting the garden and it seems to be progressing nicely. I have arugula up, red romaine lettuce, lettuce, carrots, radishes and chard. Herb and I bought a wireless thermometer to go in the first box so that we can monitor the temperatures in there starting this week.