Gardening Day in October

We have had beautiful weather both yesterday and today. Yesterday Herb and I went into the city to watch Thomas in his B Boy competition. You can see the video here. Lots of fun to see all the kids dancing and doing incredible gymnastic type dancing. Really hard to imagine being able to do that.

It was held at the Crafty Bastard’s Art Fair. I definitely got some new cool ideas to try while I was there. More to come on that.

Then today, I worked in the garden beds and added some new arugula, spinach and some red romaine lettuces. Then Herb and I went to Lowes and I got some small mums to put out in the front of the house. Took out some of the scraggly looking marigolds and cleaned up some out there.

We also were watching the new neighbors that have moved into Emily’s house. We aren’t sure but we think there may be as many as 6 kids. Oh, Boy!